Tableeghi Jamaat

    Official Letter Statement

    Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix, AZ is welcoming all tableeghi Jamaat. All Jamaat Must follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Muslim Community Mosque board for the past 30 years. 

    Over the past 30 years we have hosted all kinds of Jamaat from various destinations in the world and we continue to keep hosting any Jamaat from anywhere in the world. Some of the rules and regulations include:

    1. All the Tableeghi Jamaat must give a 3 day notice prior to arriving at the mosque. Please contact brother Asad Wathra at +1602-497-7670 prior to arrival.
    2. Any Jamaat at any given time are only authorized to stay at the mosque for a period of 3- 5 days. 
    3. Taleem is allowed every day but after Asar only.
    4. Itikaf on Friday nights are welcomed as long as everyone follows and agrees to the management’s conditions. This official letter of statement is final and all the decisions and rules in this letter are final.