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Quran Class

Timing : 04:30 PM - 07:30 PM
$ 150 Monthly
  • Quran Reading with Tajweed
  • Islamic History
  • Names of Allah

Children's Education

We host a wide range of educational services, both for children and for adults, including full-time schools, evening and weekend classes, and occasional courses. The MCM hosts full-time and part-time education for children. We run our own full-time primary and secondary schools, and an after-school ‘Evening Madrasah’. Our partners based here offer nursery provision, and supplementary education in evenings and at weekend.

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Adult's Education

We have opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn more about Islam, Muslims, the Arabic language, and issues of particular interest.

Quran Recitation & Course

At MCM, we offer how-to recite the Quran with its proper Tajweed rules. One can learn the articulation points of the Quran Arabic letters, basic Tajweed and Tarteel (combining theory and practice) and the regulations of Noon Saakinah, Meem Saakinah, and Lam Saakinah. Our Instructors introduce terms in Arabic and then translated into English

Families' Quran & Course

At MCM, we offer exclusive service to our Sisters. Our 55% Faculty based on females staff. Ustadha and Aalima’s carefully design Quran Courses to our girls. We aim to provide learners with primary or advanced knowledge of Arabic grammar, Tajweed with proper Makhraj and correct recitation. We also offer basic Arabic grammar to understand the Quran better.

Kids' Quran & Course

At MCM, we carefully design the Kids version of Quran learning course. Our excellent teacher coordinator faculty articulate kids course as per student personality and learning the process. In this course, we offer Basic Quran Reading, Arabic language, Tarteel, Tajweedul and Hifdhul Quran classes with male or female Instructors. We articulate points of the Arabic letters, Tajweed, and Tarteel (combining theory and practice) and other essential rules based on kids understanding. Kids can get free benefits from Masnoon Dua’s, rules Salat (Prayer) and some other day to day aspect of Deen.

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